TEAM DEMOCRAT... we are the faces you know and the people you can trust for the best leadership, right here at home.

When you are at our annual Egg Hunt, Fourth of July celebration, ballgames, school functions, at church, or shopping, you will see the faces of those you know, TEAM DEMOCRAT.

We are proud to be a part of such a rich tradition of community that values family and friends, and we are dedicated to active participation in all of our community's events. In a small town it takes real commitment and real hard work to keep our traditions growing. As we celebrate our past and look forward to our future, we are willing and very able to do what it takes to make our "one square mile of friendliness" the cornerstone of Camden County. Be assured, wherever you see our faces, you will know that these are faces of those you can trust to keep Magnolia moving forward!

A tradition of responsible leadership... visit our photo gallery to view our past.
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